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About Us Our Founders. He has blossomed into a great astrologist only due to the gracious blessings of Kanchi Sri Mahaswamigal and the compassionate glance of Poojyasri Muralidhara Swamigal. Graduation L. He worked as Sub-Editor in some dailies and as Editor in some monthlies. Given to leftist and atheistic leanings in his school and college days, he was later on won over for sure to profound spiritual thoughts by none less than Sri Vadivudai Amman who fed Saint Vallalar with elixir having her Holy Abode at Thiruvotriyur, Chennai. Research L. Sreenivasen who set out researching astrology for the sake of a debate, in due course, blossomed into a complete astrologist thanks to the same research.

His teacher in astrology Lion K. Sreenivasen studied a lot of works of research into astrology and wrote several articles on astrology, numerology and auspicious gemstones in newspapers and weekly and monthly magazines, He has anchored many a program in TV channels on the same subject, and in fact conducted a Question and Answer program on astrology. Parthasarathy and the auspicious holy lamp was lit by Mr.

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Diamond Stones 1 product available. Green Stone 1 product available. Save time! After my Patna meeting I had not met him for nearly ten years and he had forgotten me. Shankaracharyaji came to Delhi later and there after my meeting him almost every year has been a regular feature. I had mentioned about it in an article in the Astrological Magazine of Dr.

Raman in Some part of the article is reproduced here. Now about the effects of Mantras I have had illuminating discussions with many Mahatmas. I was very grateful and happy as it all came as a result of predictions given from time to time thus:. As I write this 23rd March the latest prediction given to him too has been fulfilled but with my timing going wrong by about three months.

Here I clearly failed to synthesise transit of planets with the sub-sub-period. Looking at his horoscope I have predicted that for some months it would be difficult for him as lot of inconvenience would be there on the way. Then he showed me a horoscope, told me that it was of His Holiness.

I told him I do not give prediction to Mahatmas but on the insistence of Mr. I told the following:. On October 9th His Holiness granted me an exclusive darshan in Delhi. I was moved and thanked God for my good luck. Of interest to astrologers should be some, out of the many, observations made by His Holiness during my half-an-hour discussion with him. He said yes, to get deep astrological proficiency more than one hour's meditation should be done everyday.

Still Ayu would sometimes go wrong. And without explaining, he laughed his silvery laughter.

I told him He approved it He added something I took permission to leave and he blessed me. The article ends. One evening Lakshminaryanan came along with some followers of Jayendra Swami and asked me agitatedly that Jayendra Swami had run away. What would ha ppen. He cannot be kept confined to the ashram as he is a missionary as his horoscope clearly shows and should be allowed to do what he wanted to do outside the ashram. Later I came to know that some ashramites, not the senior Swamy were creating obstacles and his running away was a protest.

In the sinister plot to arrest him and later bad health led to a slow down of his missionary activities. I have met so many swamis and gone to their ashram and found none of them with even one percent of such gre at zeal of work for t he downtrodden, to promote educational institutions, and hospitals of topmost quality. Christian missionaries had become his enemies because he worked among the lowest classes, reconverted some of them from Christianity into Hinduism and got rebuilt dilapidated temples.

It is this activity which annoyed Sonia Gandhi. Former Indian President, Pranab Mukherjee, mentions it clearly in his memoirs. Sonia Gandhi hates Hindus!

A step in the direction of technology for Sanskrit

A conspiracy theory is spreading through the media from a long time now. However, all these aspects were being denied as there was no evidence to prove it true. Former President, Mukherjee in his book has revealed about the Congress party and its rule supervised by Sonia Gandhi, the decisions taken were all anti-Hindus. Christian missionaries and Islamic butchers were supported- Hindus were targeted. All this was planned and decided by none other than congress queen Sonia Gandhi.

Mukherjee is both a raconteur and a uniquely placed analyst. In his book, you get insights like why no ruling party can have a simultaneous majority in both houses of Parliament without simultaneous elec- tions. You also get the story of how he missed being prime minister or home minister. Mukherjee touches upon all transitional moments of the Congress journey from a party of internal coalitions to becoming the fulcrum of a multi-party coalition against its own grain.

Online Astrology Course by SCSVMV UNIVERSITY

Within the Congress party, the consensus was that the incumbent must be a political leader with experience in party affairs and administration. She Sonia , however, insisted I should join the government also to support Dr Singh. Mukherjee has disclosed how under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi, Hindus have been impli- cated in the target. Within a few months of com- ing to power in November , Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati was arrested in a false case of murder on the occasion of Diwali.

At the time of his arrest, he was preparing for years of pilgrimage to Trikal.

Dr. B. V. Raman (1912-1998)

After the arrest, he was also shown abusive charges like porn CD and tampering. However, this allegation has never been proved. I asked the question, Is the scale of secularism in the country limited to Hindu saints only? Can a state police show the courage to arrest a Muslim cleric on the occasion of Eid? The book by former President Pranab Mukherjee has raised a major question ahead of the country.

The question is who was behind the arrest of the Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetha and the unscrupulous accusations made against him? Actually, that was the time when there prevailed close relations between Sonia and Jayalalitha.

Between and , Sonia Gandhi was han- dling the top power for ten years, since then she had started crushing the religious-cultural beliefs of the Hindus. It is clear that the task of mocking the media by arresting such a great saint of Hinduism was a part of the Christian conspiracy. At the time when the entire Hindu society could be in the target of massive.

This was the reason that it was knocking down the illegal attempts of Christian missionaries. He was arrested from Andhra Pradesh, where the Congress government was ruling. After the arrest, he was kept in the Vellore jail in Tamil Nadu, also he was tortured there. Source: 1. Sir told me quietly while Sunday seminar on 15 May was to start that I can come with him the next day to meet the seer.

ఈ యోగంలో పుట్టినటువంటి వాడికి మీ అమ్మాయిని ఇచ్చి పెళ్ళి చేస్తే మీ అమ్మాయి జీవితం నాశనం I driponimingei.gap

There were 11 of us. We reached 20 minutes before 4 pm. We sat for a while and then were called inside. It was so calm inside. He suggested to Sir that we all should do some mantra. It was about pm.

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He gave tika to all of us. It was kind of strange as he would look at the person intently and then only tika was given in a small piece of paper. It was like getting a personal blessing. Saints have their ways. We came out of there. Sir told us to come home with him. Sir sent all other people sitting there back to their home.

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